Virtual Participation
This year in the Centenary of the Armistice of WWI you are invited play an important role in the story of a Veterans Journey Home.   

Don't just watch from the sidelines, enlist and be part of the Journey Home. Choose to  Donate, Run or Walk and support the *PTSD Resurrected and the Australian Veteran Community. 

Join R4R (Run for Resilience) as we honor not only the original ANZAC's but all Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Women who have served at home and abroad in service of Australia. 

Enlist as an individual or Recruit your friends and form a Squad of your own (of up to 6  
participants) and challenge Wayne as he Runs for Resilience over 22 days and 1500km's on the Journey Home. 

Though your donation to our Charity Partner PTSD Resurrected you unlock exclusive access  
to the **R4R Rewards Program. The greater your commitment to PTSD Resurrected and through actively participating in this Challenge, you will unlock access to higher levels of reward!!

* PTSD Resurrected is a DGR Endorsed Charity, Charity No CH3004.  
** The R4R Rewards Program is a rewards program based on your level of commitment to helping PTSD resurrected achieve their mission of restoring Hope, Healing and Purpose to individuals and their families whose lives have been impacted by service related trauma. 
Fair-Play Policy 
By entering into Run for Resilience (R4R) as a ‘Virtual Participant’ you, the participant  agrees abide to this Fair-Play Policy.  

R4R is allowing virtual participation by members of the public with the understanding that all  
parties will act in good faith, that participants will play-fair and abide by the conditions set out in this policy and the rules, terms and conditions detailed below.  

R4R will do it’s best to reward participants for their kindness, fair-play and commitment to  
support of our Veterans, Veterans Families and Charity Partner PTSD Resurrected. Ensuring that all activities do not jeopardise or place at risk DGR Endorsed Charity Status of PTSD Resurrected.  
All Donations unlock access to:
  •  Exclusive R4R Merchandise (either for purchase or through the R4R rewards  program)  
  •  Donations Above $50 unlock access to ‘Active Participant Status’, allowing you to  "Virtually" Walk or Run the R4R Route and achieve rewards based on completion of specific the 'R4R Mission Objectives' applicable to Runners and Walkers as described below. 
Donation Tiers:
$20 or Less
  •  Play a vital role in the recovery effort and assist PTSD Resurrected to continue their  critical mission to Restore Hope, Healing and Purpose to individuals and their families whose lives have been impacted by service related trauma. 
$21 to $50
  •  In addition to the $20 Or Less
  •  Gain exclusive access to the Secret R4R FB Community; and,
  •  Gain exclusive, priority access to Daily R4R Communications and Dispatches
$51 + 
Unlock Active Participant Status Allowing You To "Virtually" Walk Or Run The R4R  Route
  •  In addition to the $20 or less and $21 to $50
  •  Runners - Receive FREE access to an exclusive Run Down Under Map through a  purpose built event portal thanks to our Mission Partner 'Run Down Under' utilising the RDU App - normally $60.00,  
  •  Walkers - Receive access to our exclusive R4R 10,000 Steps Tournament to help you march your way towards victory on the Journey Home; and,
  •  Complete "R4R Mission Objectives" to unlock exclusive R4R Merchandise.
$100 - $199
  •     In addition to the above,
  •     Lifetime Platinum status as a supporter of R4R and PTSD Resurrected; and, 
  •  Receive an Exclusive Certificate of Appreciation from the Founders of PTSD  Resurrected and Founders of R4R & Campfire Sessions with Fee Mc.
$200 +
  •  Not only will you unlock ALL of the above - you will also receive,
  •  A free 1kg bag of 3Elements Coffee,
  •  VIP invites to Exclusive R4R events throughout Australia; and,
  •  VIP Invitations to view the online release of the Official R4R Documentary and in  person screening (where available). 
R4R ‘Overall’ Mission Objectives: 
Recruit 5 friends and form a squad of 6 walkers or runners and receive an exclusive . R4R T-Shirt for taking action and being a Team Leader! 
‘Runner’ Specific Mission Objectives: 
  •  500km - As an individual, complete 500km and receive your exclusive R4R buff  FREE!  
  •  1000km - Complete 1000km and receive a R4R Hat FREE!
  •  1500km - Complete the entire distance of R4R to earn your completion certificate and  receive an official T-Shirt FREE! 
  •  Complete the entire 1500km's individual to earn your completion certificate and  receive a 1kg bag of 3Elements Coffee FREE!
  •  Complete the entire 1500km's as a team and "Virtually" beat Wayne to Winton to earn  your completion certificate and each receive a 1kg bag of 3Elements Coffee FREE! 
‘Walker’ Specific Mission Objectives: 
  •  Reach 500km - As a Squad, match Wayne's average steps over 500km and each earn your exclusive R4R buff FREE 
  •  Reach 1000km - As a Squad, match Wayne's average steps over 1000km and receive a R4R Hat FREE
  •  Reach 1500km – As a Squad, match Wayne's average steps over 1500km to earn your completion certificate and you will also receive an official R4R T-Shirt FREE!  
  •  Either as a team or an individual Exceed Wayne's overall steps, "Virtually" beating  him to Winton and earn your completion certificate and each receive a 1kg bag of 3Elements Coffee FREE
Note: All awards and completion certificates are expected to be sent out in early October  once all R4R activities have been completed. 
How to participate:
  •  To run, donate $51 or more and receive your personal invitation to access content  available to your donation tier. 
  •  Connect to our Exclusive map on Run Down Under and sync your activities using  your preferred activity tracker. Unlocking Exclusive R4R Merchandise as you take the Journey Home!  
Enlistment Instructions:
Recruit YOUR Squad: 
  •    Create your Squad by enlisting 5 friends to Join R4R and unlock your first Reward, as Squad Leader, a FREE R4R T-Shirt!
  •   Squad Leaders create ONE new account (through the above link for) on Run Down Under YOUR entire Squad, 
  •   Your new account but be your Squad name and requires 2 words,
  • - In the 'first name' field - enter the first word of the Squad name,
  • - In the ‘last name’ field - enter the second word of the Squad name.
  •   Friend request everyone that joins through the RDU website or app, 
  •   Fair-Play - Squad Members not registered as qualifying donors through the PTSD Resurrected donation portal (hosted by R4R) will not be eligible to access the R4R Rewards Program. 
Note - Individuals Participants and Squad Members can sync via their Strava accounts or  manually add their entries. 
Note: Current RDU members – the distance sync’d to your R4R account will not be allocated  towards your primary account. Please continue to sync your primary account as per usual to continue your uninterrupted RDU experience. 
Is walking more your style?
  •   Donate and receive your personal invitation to access content available to your donation tier. 
  •   Your personal invitation will include instructions on how to enlist in The Run for Resilience Step Challenge simply follow the instructions 
  •   Connect your pedometer of choice; sync your fitbit with the 10,000 steps app or use your phone or other device and manually add your daily steps then march on towards Victory (and cool rewards)!  
Enlistment Instructions
  •    Create your personal profile on the 10,000 steps website
  •    Join the Health Challenge by selecting Mackay Hospital and Health Service and track your health throughout the challenge!
  •    Recruit 5 squad mates, then from your 10,000 Steps Dashboard on the website add them as friends
  •    Add Wayne McMurtrie as a friend on the 10,000 Steps website 
    - Enter his 10,000 Steps email address >>
    - In the message box tell us know your 'Squad' name and the names and email addresses of your 5 Squad Mates. 
  •    We will add your Squad to the Challenge. The squad Leader will receive an email to their nominated 10,000 steps email address. 
Downloading the App and Connecting your activity tracker
  •    Via your app store, download the 10,000 steps app to your phone. You can then manually add your steps if you use a device other other than a fitbit. To manually add your steps using the 10,000 steps app simply press the '+' symbol then add your steps for each day.
  •    A fitbit can be connected to your 10,000 steps account. More information on connecting and syncing your fitbit can be found here
  •    If you don't own a fitbit device a work around is to create a fitbit account (this can be done without registering a fitbit device). Install the fitbit app, then sync the fitbit app with the 10,000 steps app.  
Take the Challenge and Win!
Engage with other squads in the challenge via social media, complete the most steps and lead  your Squad to Victory!! 
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