SEPTEMBER 2019. 7 DAYS. 350KM.
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Run for Resilience
Run for Resilience
An ADF Veteran with 17 years service, Wayne is an accomplished Ultra-Marathoner, Entrepreneur and Advocate for Veterans Health. 

Having been diagnosed with PTSD in 2009 after multiple deployments on active service, Wayne initially coped well, throwing himself in work and hobbies and living an active life. In 2015 after forced redundancy he relapsed suffered a major breakdown becoming isolated and withdrawn and became progresively anti-social, taking impulsive actions and engaging in risky behaviours. 

It was during this time that Wayne began running as a coping mechanism and soon found the structure and routine of training gave him the purpose and drive that he had been unconsciously searching for.

Ultra-Marathons became a way of life, the unique challenges each event presented was an opportunity to discover more about himself as he pushed his body and mind beyond breaking point.

The community, passion and  purpose served as a process for re-connection and integration with family and friends
Wayne McMurtrie, Ultra-Runner

Wayne McMurtrie, Ultra-Runner
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